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Project Name: Doolittles Woodfire Grill

Project Details and Features:

Doolittles Woodfire Grill is an award winning restaurant located on Highway 29 in southern Alexandria, MN.  Doolittles features wood fire grilling, and takes its name from the famous WWII USAF General James Doolittle. The restaurant uses retro-aeronautical details throughout the facility. This project featured a centrally located bar area with a hanger themed suspended architecture over the bar itself. The bar area is surrounded by comfort seating, and a family dining area surrounds the perimeter of the building. A separation wall divides the bar seating from the family seating, and features warm wood and glass to create an open atmosphere while maintaining acoustical separation for the guests. This restaurant features an outdoor seating area with a stone fire pit. Doolittles was built with a Butler Manufacturing Widespan Steel frame, and also took advantage of Butler’s industry leading MR-24 roof system.


Project Location: Alexandria, MN

Building Size: 5,162.5 sqft

C.I. Role: Design-Build, Developer

Engineer/Architect: C.I. Construction, LLC