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01 - ThriftyWhitePharmacy 8716

02 - ThriftyWhitePharmacy 8952

03 - ThriftyWhitePharmacy 7125

04 - ThriftyWhitePharmacy 7137

05 - ThriftyWhitePharmacy 8296

06 - ThriftyWhitePharmacy 8299

Project Name: Thrifty White Drug

Project Details and Features:

Thrifty White Drug was a design build project using the company’s standard details and incorporating them into a more efficient building. This building features the industry leading Butler MR-24 standing seem roof system making the roof both energy efficient and durable.  The walls system was constructed with steel studs, and the building façade is composed of EIFS panels and split-faced block. With the Owner’s lease expiring, this project faced a challenging time constraint.  Including demolition of existing structures this project was completed in 108 days.


C.I. Role: Construction Management

Project Location: Alexandria, MN            

Building Size: 7.500 sqft

Engineer/Architect: Ringdahl Architects