01 - Titan-Moorhead 8148

02 - Titan-Moorhead 8118

03 - Titan-Moorhead 7264

04 - Titan-Moorhead 7273

05 - Titan-Moorhead 7285

06 - Titan Moorhead

07 - Titan-Moorhead 8121

08 - Titan-Moorhead 8141

09 -Titan-Moorhead 8172

Project Name: Titan Machinery – Moorhead, Mn

Project Details and Features:  Titan Machinery’s flagship facility in Moorhead, MN combines functionality with energy efficiency. This facility uses waste oil from store to power its in-floor heat system which is located in the shop, washbay, parts area, and expo room. This provides a fuel at virtually no cost to heat the majority of the system. The shop features one 7 ton, and seven 5 ton under-hung cranes providing excellent accessibility to equipment being serviced. The expo room features tall windows and an arched glass block wall section reaching to the deck providing ample natural sunlight. The shop also features 44 windows allowing natural sunlight into the service area and reducing the lighting load.  The facility also includes a kitchen, parts area with mezzanine, showroom with offices, conference room, training room, and washbay.


C.I. Role: Design-Build Services, Construction Management

Building Size: 53,200 sqft

Project Location: Moorhead, MN

Engineer/Architect: Ringdahl Architects